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Signs Your BMW Needs Transmission Repair in Langley


Some call it the king of the road; others call it the powerhouse for driving experience. BMW is the real beast of the road. At its 100% functional state, this is the kind of car you would want to drive every day of your road life.

However, transmission problems could bring down your powerful car. It would be helpful if you knew the early transmission signs and stop them before they become a big concern. Seems today is your lucky day for you are about to know the telltales that your Bimmer needs transmission repair.

  • Leaking fluid on the ground

    You should be checking for any fluid spots on your driveway or garage floor. If you find any, it is an early sign that your transmission fluid level is dropping. Ignoring it will slowly bring down your transmission system and it will be a costly affair to get it back to its A-game.

  • Loud growl when you accelerate

    You would dismiss it as a reaction to a rough road. However, the growling will persist even on the smoothest urban towns. If every time you accelerate you will be treated to that nasty sound, you had better have it checked. Something is amiss with your transmission and it needs repair as soon as you can spare some time for the repair shop.

  • Transmission check light goes on

    It should not bother you much that the transmission light comes on. It simply means that something is not right but not necessarily an emergency. However, you should take your BMW for an inspection. It could turn out that you just saved hundreds of dollars for transmission repair.

  • Slipping clutch

    You will press on the gas pedal and your engine revs but you will not move at all. That is a slippage problem and your transmission is on its way to rough times ahead. You should have the problem checked and any necessary repairs made.

  • Rough shifting

    A BMW will never present you any driving problems but if it does, you should be concerned. If it gets rough with shifting gears, it points to a problem with transmission. You could as well hear a “thud” or “clunk” as you try to change gears. It could get worse than this if you give it a deaf ear. Let the experts look into it and find the exactly problem. It is definitely a transmission problem and it should be looked into once you notice it.

Whatever the transmission problem is with your BMW transmission, it needs a real expert. You bought your BMW for a good reason: its superior performance. Keeping it in a tiptop shape will always put a smile on your face every time you are on the road. Do not gamble with your transmission repairs. Only let a seasoned BMW transmission expert lay hands on your German toy. He or she will treat your Bimmer just as if it was their own.


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