We recently posted a somewhat comical article on our Facebook page, which discussed how manual transmissions are now considered an ‘anti-theft’ device. This is due to the rapid decline in manufactures producing manual vehicles, as demand and ability to drive them has drastically declined.

Convenience is a big factor in all aspects of life, including driving. Which makes clutch repairs in Langley a much-needed convenience if and when you require it for your vehicle.

If you have recently made the shift to manual, or are a long-standing manual vehicle driver – we can help you maintain it!

Manual Transmission History 101

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A brief history lesson shows that manual transmissions preceded automatics by several decades. In fact, up until General Motors offered an automatic in 1938, all cars were of the shift-it-yourself variety. While it’s logical for many types of today’s vehicles to be equipped with an automatic — such as a full-size sedan, SUV or pickup — the fact remains that nothing is more of a thrill to drive than a tautly suspended sport sedan, sport coupe or two-seater equipped with a precise-shifting five- or six-speed gearbox. It’s what makes cars such as a Corvette, Mustang, Miata or any BMW sedan or coupe some of the most fun-to-drive cars available today.

Manual Transmissions: How They Work

Whether manual or automatic; your transmission is responsible for connecting to your engine and creating power for the wheels. With a manual transmission, the clutch creates the ‘engagement’ between your transmission and engine. Switching between gears is made possible by operating the clutch, and is an artform for sure!

Although the manual vehicle might be a fading transmission style – it still remains a fun way to operate a vehicle for those who choose to do so …and we’re here to help maintain or repair your clutch as needed.

Clutch Repairs Langley

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A car clutch needs to be replaced, in most cases, at between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. Although some clutches may last longer. Additionally, if a clutch is misused, it may fail sooner. A car clutch is the bridge between the car transmission and the gearbox. Depressing or engaging the clutch allows one to shift the transmission’s gears. The clutch replacement cost on front-wheel drive vehicles is generally higher than it is on rear-wheel drive vehicles.

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