Do you feel as though you or a loved one could benefit from 24-Hour Roadside Assistance in the Fraser Valley? Our A&B Transmissions roadside assistance offers FREE towing in Langley, Surrey and throughout the surrounding communities.

Our blog post, as seen here, talks all about it. It explains the many ways this added service can help you or someone you care about find added peace of mind on the road.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

24-Hour Roadside Assistance in the Fraser Valley: Warning Lights Explained

Our 24-Hour Roadside Assistance in the Fraser Valley is an excellent option to have when you find yourself stuck in a vehicle that won’t run. However, there are many warning lights to help prevent car owners from getting stranded on the side of the road.

These indicator lights are intended to warn you of any repairs needed. These should be address in a timely manner in order to prevent breakdowns or costly repairs, and is something we can help with.

Common warning lights you will see include…

  1. Battery light – if you see this light you may not need a battery, but you shouldn’t ignore it. If it comes on and stays on, it means that your battery is not being charged, and sooner or later your car will not start.
  2. ABS light – this is the Anti-Lock Brake system. When it comes on, it means the anti-lock part of the brake system has a problem and likely will not function. If just this light comes on, you will still have regular brakes. If it comes on along with the “red brake” light, the car has problems and you should not drive it.
  3. Engine Temperature light – this is like a thermometer for your engine. If it comes on, it is too hot. Turn it off and call for help. Continuing to operate it will cost a lot more money as it can ruin the engine.
  4. Tire Pressure light – this indicates that the computer sees a tire that has low pressure. Check your tire pressure and correct it as soon as you can.

These warning lights are meant to keep you safe, so ensure you pay attention to them, or stop by our shop for help.

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