If you’re a vintage vehicle owner who’s pride and joy is keeping your classic car in pristine condition – A&B Transmissions is here to help by explaining ‘How To Service Your Vintage Vehicle Before Storing It’ with the following steps.

Change the Oil, Fill Your Gas Tank & Remove the Spark Plugs

Once you are ready to store your vintage vehicle for the season, be sure to bring it in for an oil change. After which add a fuel stabilizer to your premium gasoline in order to keep moisture from seeping in and gunk from building up, as well as remove the spark plugs to prevent theft.

Have Your Vintage Vehicle Detailed

You likely already detail your classic car regularly, but consider having it done professionally to ensure every corner and crevice is covered. A grain of dirt can cause scratching underneath your protective cover, as well as unwanted pests can come crawling inside the interior from leftover crumbs and such. So, an extensive cleaning and protective wax can really go a long way to maintaining your vehicle over the next few seasons.

Fill Your Tires, Check Your Battery and Top Up Your Fluids

Vintage tires are a difficult and costly thing to replace, so ensuring they are properly inflated during storage is important. As well, remove your car battery to prevent theft and corrosion, and top up your antifreeze, brake fluid and transmission fluid before you put your pride and joy to rest.

Your vintage vehicle is an investment worth maintaining, and A&B Transmissions in Langley can help you do so. We can handle nearly any repair on your classic car or truck including:

  • Engine Servicing
  • Head Gaskets
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Carburetor Tuning and Repair
  • Valve Jobs
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Full Exhaust Systems including stock and performance setups
  • Oil Changes and Body Lubrication

When it comes to vintage vehicle repairs and servicing in Langley, we are here to help …keeping our community of fellow classic car owners in top shape season after season.

Contact us today to book your classic car or truck repair or maintenance, and feel confident that you are in the hands of highly trained technicians who can handle all of your classic vehicle needs!