Did you know A&B Transmissions offers ‘Complete Fleet Servicing & Maintenance Programs in Langley’? We do – and now is the time to revisit your auto care needs and secure your spot for 2021!

Langley Fleet Service You Can Trust

Finding an auto service centre you can trust is very important. Whether for personal or professional auto care, knowing that a local business is there to provide you with the quality and care you deserve is paramount. This not only ensures your vehicles are operational, it also ensures a neighbourly-like service that lessens any added stress.

We pride ourselves on delivering highly trained technicians who are passionate about what they do, and who enjoy serving the community in which they work.

A&B Transmissions not only delivers on all the critical care and maintenance objectives for a variety of local auto fleets across the Fraser Valley, but we also deliver on heavy-duty commercial vehicle care as well.

Our Full Fleet Service in Langley Includes…

  • Commercial Truck & Car repairs
  • Transmission and drivetrain
  • Electronic Diagnostic Tooling
  • Heating and A/C Repairs
  • Oil change and lubrication services
  • Personalized service packages available
  • Commercial vehicle inspection (CVIP)
  • Steering and suspension

Langley Differential Service for Your Fleet in Langley

Keeping your fleet running smoothly plays an imperative role in keeping your business running smoothly. Which is why we special in differential service and repairs in Langley within our fleet maintenance services.

The high-volume use of vehicles can have a wearing effect on your differentials, causing lubrication to break down much quicker. This causes it to have a high potential of thickening, preventing the proper lubrication from getting to your gears.

Regular differential service for your fleet in Langley can help prevent this, while keeping your manufactures warranty intact too

At A&B Transmissions, we provide our business clients with highly trained technicians, keeping commercial fleets in their best running form. We help you save time, money and an uninterrupted reputation in the process!

Our professionals will deliver critical maintenance and repairs on your light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology right here in the community of Langley, and look forward to doing so 2021!