Spring maintenance checks for your vehicle can be simple as well as keep you riding easy – and A&B Transmissions is here to help you with a few suggestions on how to do so!

Change Your Winter Tires

Now is the time to schedule an appointment to change out your winter tires. Doing so can help improve your gas mileage, as well as prolong the life of your tires.

Winter tires are made from a special kind of rubber that remains pliable during the colder months, ensuring they grip the road as needed. However, once the weather and road conditions change – so too should your tires, as using winter tires during warmer months will degrade your tires much more quickly.

This is also an excellent time to have a wheel alignment service and inquire about any suspension concerns you may have.

Oil Change and Fluid Check

During the winter months, your auto service provider may have very well changed the type of oil and fluids your vehicle uses to match the weather. As such, taking the time to have your oil and fluids changed during spring is an excellent idea. These simple steps can help with fuel consumption, and provide the opportunity to check into your transmission and brake fluids to ensure everything is humming along under the hood as it should.

Plus – don’t forget to check your filters too!

Battery, Belts and Hose Checks

Winter has a way of adding strain to your battery, causing it to work harder and diminishing the lifespan year after year.

Having your battery checked is a simple step in preventing any unexpected breakdowns, saving you on the inconvenience and tow-fees too.

As well, your vehicles belts and hoses take a bit of a beating over winter, becoming less flexible and prone to cracking. Hose leaks and having your timing belt snap is less than ideal, and a quick spring maintenance check can prevent this.

Ensuring your day to day life isn’t interrupted due to mechanical failure is important, and

A&B Transmissions of Langley employs trained technicians to perform a wide range of repairs and maintenance on a wide range of vehicles – including:

·    Foreign and domestic cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers

·    Heavy-duty vehicles including trucks and RVs up to 5 tonnes

·    Gas or diesel powered vehicles

·    Front wheel, rear wheel, all wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles

Schedule your spring maintenance service now, and ensure you’re riding easy this March!