Keeping your transmission healthy plays an important role in the way your vehicle functions. Apart from your engine – your transmission holds a decent price tag on repairs or replacement costs, yet it is the easiest thing to maintain within your vehicle and we are here to help with that!

Whether you drive a new model SUV or a vintage car, a supped up truck or a family van – the maintenance of your transmission is a worthwhile investment we want to educate our readers about.

Transmission Fluid – Why It Matters

Transmission fluid influences the health of your transmission in a huge way. It provides the hydraulic power and lubricant needed for all the moving parts to operate smoothly.

As with oil, over time this fluid too becomes dirty and diminishes via heat sources within your vehicle. A transmission flush will help to keep your vehicle’s transmission running smoothly, while also extending your transmission’s lifespan.

These are all important factors when it comes to where your dollars go, and can save you money down the road.

When Should You Make a Transmission Flush Appointment

Your auto manufacturer will likely tell you that your vehicles transmission fluid should be flushed roughly every 40-50,000km. However, sometimes your transmission will require a flush previous to that ‘mile marker’, for reasons that include:

  • Dirty fluid that looks darker that it’s usual red colour or that smells burnt
  • Transmission ‘hiccups’ … when your transmission doesn’t seem to be changing gears smoothly, making odd noises or causing your vehicle to surge forward when first operating it

Keep in mind that a transmission flush is not a repair. Rather, it is a maintenance procedure that helps your vehicle operate smoothly while improving the lifespan of your vehicle.

If your transmission is in need of repairs, this is a different mechanical issue that we can tackle at A&B Transmissions also, and are here to help you keep your transmission healthy and in good repair. Our expert technicians will make sure your transmission receives all the care it needs before we turn the keys back over to you, ensuring your drive away in excellent condition.

If your transmission is in need of a check-up, call A&B Transmissions in Langley at 604-530-9101… we look forward to serving you!