There are a variety of ways auto owners should care for their car in order to keep them in good running condition. Without general maintenance, a vehicle can have an unexpected, and sometimes costly, repair required.

A&B Transmissions would like to help you avoid that – specifically when it comes to your transmission, with these ‘Top Transmission Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Costly Repairs’.

Indicators Your Transmission Requires Maintenance

At A&B Transmissions, we specialize in transmission replacements in Langley, as well as transmission repairs and transmission maintenance.

Your transmission can be one of the costliest things for a car owner to have to replace. So let’s prevent that!

Some of the most common indicators your transmission requires maintenance includes:

  • A burning oil smell
  • Noticeable noise when in neutral
  • The check engine light comes on
  • Grinding sound or odd shifting patterns when driving

Tips to Prevent Major Transmission Problems

Regularly Check and Change Your Transmission Fluid – low and dirty transmission fluid will cause added wear on your vehicle. Having this checked and changed in accordance with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, or your mechanics recommendations based on your driving habits, can help prevent major transmission problems. We provide transmission fluid changes in Langley, ensuring your vehicle is well taken care of, while extending the life of your vehicle accordingly.

Change Your Filters – changing your filters also ensures that your engine is getting the right amount of oxygen. Clogged or dirty filters prevents proper flow of air and fluids, causing strange shifting patterns that will eventually lead to costly repairs over time.

Transmission Fluid Leak Repairs – something you should also keep an eye out for are fluid leaks. A reddish fluid leak means that your transmission fluid is leaking. If this is the case, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately to prevent the inability to operate your car, and putting you in a more costly circumstance.

A&B Transmissions is the go-to transmission specialist in Langley, providing service to the community for years. We also deliver on clutch repairs, as well as all general auto repairs and maintenance.

If you think your transmission is in need of a maintenance check, call us at 604-530-9101 to take a look. We are here to help to prevent costly repairs and keep you driving safely!