What Does Check Engine Light Mean??

It happens to everyone; the terrifying check engine light goes on, and it often happens at the worst times. Your car’s check engine lights could pop on for various reasons. For some it is only a minor problem while others may be serious engine problems.

In worse scenarios, your car will show no reaction after pressing the accelerator. This is an embarrassing thing and you may end up missing a crucial event. A&B Transmission has the right equipment and experience to diagnose your engine and get you back on the road.

Early signs of transmission problems

  • Shaking of your car at any speed
  • Visible leaking fluid on the ground and under the hood
  • Slipping and grinding when you shift gears
  • Burning smell from under your car’s hood
  • Screeching sound once you are in motion

Common transmission problems we can solve

  • Difficulty in shifting gears: having to use lots of force to shift manual gears is not only an inconvenience but also makes driving painful. This should raise concern. It needs to be addressed before it becomes a big problem.
  • Low levels of engine fluid: If you realize that your engine fluid level is running low, it is time to get a top up. If left low it will gravely affect transmission and the surrounding components.
  • Transmission running hot: under normal circumstances, the transmission operates under optimal temperatures. If it runs too then there is a problem. The early sign would be a burning smell. In essence, this could mean your cooling system is faulty or there is inadequate transmission fluid within the engine system.
  • Faulty solenoid regulation: sometimes the transmission fluid level could be optimal and still have https://www.abtransmissions.com/transmission/3-ways-keep-transmission-healthy/engine problems. In this case, the most probable culprit is solenoid regulation. Solenoid is directly responsible for the flow of oil into the engine components. It must be regularly checked to ensure it is not malfunctioning.

Having a problem? A&B Transmission is here to help

Do not wait until your car is rendered immobile. We take care of your vehicle and keep it on the road whenever and wherever you are going. Our 40 years of experience have earned us 5000+ satisfied customers and stand as testimony to what we have and continue to achieve. With more than 12 kinds of services and 50+ brands of vehicles we can attend to, your vehicle can never be in better hands. Come to us at Langley BC and let us make your car transmission as good as new. We strongly believe in professionalism and you will leave a happy customer.

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