It is important to understand what your transmission fluid does in order to better appreciate the necessity of a transmission fluid change – which A&B Transmissions is here to help you with!

Transmission Fluid – Keeping Your Engine Running Smoothly

Transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating the internal engine’s moving parts, helping to disperse heat and keep your engine running smoothly without overheating. It is absolutely vital to your engine – whether you drive an automatic vehicle or a manual one.

Transmission Fluid – Wears Down Over Time

Transmission fluid wears down over time with heat and friction. In addition – particles will begin to come loose from your plates, bearings and gears, some of which can get caught up in your transmission filter, while others will occasionally remain floating in your transmission fluid itself, adding to the wearing down of your fluid.

Transmission Fluid – a Cause Concern When Not Regularly Changed

Beyond friction and general wearing down of your transmission fluid, the heat created by your engine also plays a big part in how your fluid responds to shifting gears.

Then, as your vehicle adds on the kilometers, your transmission fluid will begin to discolour or even burn. Once this happens, your transmission is at great risk for damage or failure.

If you wait too long to address changing your transmission fluid, you run the risk of needing a full transmission rebuild or replacement, which comes at a much great cost than keeping your transmission fluid regularly maintained.

Transmission Fluid – How Often Should It Be Changed

Your transmission fluid should be scheduled to be changed roughly every 60,000km, which will keep your transmission fluid in proper working order for that same duration under normal circumstances and for most vehicles.

We strongly suggest avoiding expensive repairs with regular auto maintenance appointments at A&B Transmissions in Langley. It doesn’t take any longer than a normal tune-up, and it’ll save you a whole lot of money in the long run!

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