Are you looking for a complete fleet servicing and maintenance shop in Langley? A&B Transmissions offers highly trained technicians who can keep your fleet in optimal repair, while also keeping your business in drive.

Ensuring your business isn’t interrupted due to mechanical failure is important – both for customer satisfaction and company productivity, and A&B Transmissions can help you do so with our ‘Complete Fleet Servicing & Maintenance Programs in Langley’!

Complete Fleet Servicing & Maintenance in Langley

At A&B Transmissions, we pride ourselves in our highly trained technicians who help to keep your commercial fleet vehicles on the road – saving you time and money.

Our professionals perform critical maintenance and repairs on light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology that can address the needs of your fleet vehicles through our Langley fleet service.

Our servicing and repairs include:

  • Commercial Truck & Car repairs
  • Transmission and drivetrain
  • Electronic Diagnostic Tooling
  • Heating and A/C Repairs
  • Oil change and lubrication services
  • Personalized service packages available
  • Commercial vehicle inspection (CVIP)
  • Steering and suspension

Differential Service – Why It Is Important to Your Fleet

Regular differential service is extremely important to the function of your fleet, and it is cost effective and in your best interest to follow the manufacturer recommendations and keep your vehicles operating smoothly on the road.

With a lot of use within your fleet line-up, along with high operating temperatures, it can cause the lubricating fluid to break down and develop a gunk like texture that will fail to lubricate the gears. Which is why regular service of the fluid is important, preventing premature wear on the gears and helping to reduce wear on drive-wheel tires as well.

How Often Do Fleet Clutch Repairs Need to Be Done?

On average, a clutch needs to be replaced between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, depending on how each vehicle is driven and maintained. Although some clutches may last longer – if a clutch is misused, it may fail sooner, and we can help you better prevent that.

Your fleet has many moving mechanical parts that require regular care in order to keep them functioning as they should, and A&B Transmissions is here to help ensure they do. Feel free to call or come by to discuss our ‘Complete Fleet Servicing & Maintenance Programs in Langley’ …we look forward to serving you!