Why won’t my car go into gear?

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Are you experiencing a scenario where your car refuses to go into gear? A few issues may be causing you this trouble. When faced with such a situation, most people rush to think about serious transmission issues. It could be the case of a simple oversight. Thus, there are two things involved. You may choose to inspect the car by yourself, or you can have it towed to a mechanic who specializes in transmission repair. To help you determine whether your vehicle requires attention from a specialist, here are some reasons why your car refuses to go into gear.

Low Transmission Fluid

The first culprit to suspect when your vehicle refuses to go into gear is low transmission fluid. Perhaps your fluid is leaking or low, and that may cause your car problems having a smooth gear transmission. Transmission fluid plays a critical role to ensure that the moving parts of your car are well lubricated and cooled. It shouldn’t be a problem finding where your transmission dipstick is located. Pull out the fluid dipstick, wipe it clean, return it and then pull it out again. You should be looking out for the level, smell and color of the fluid. If little, try adding some liquid. If you notice a burnt smell or a black or dark brown color, you need to tow your car to a certified transmission specialist.

Electronic Sensor Failure

Most transmissions in the modern car are controlled by high-tech computer systems. When your car fails to go into gear after stepping on the gas pedal, it could be that the electronic sensor in your vehicle has failed. Transmission experts also utilize computerized diagnostic equipment and can identify any electronic sensor failure causing your car trouble to get into gear.

Misaligned Gears

Another reason why your car won’t go into gear could because of misaligned gears. The car’s transmission system is designed in a way that the gears should fit together smoothly in different combinations. Do you notice a strange grinding sound when shifting gears? That is a result of misaligned gears.

Minor Oversights

While it may seem too obvious, your car may refuse to go into gear because of some of these oversights. Your car could be turned off. Ensure that your car is turned on because there are some cars whose engine makes minimal sound making it hard to tell whether it is on or not.

For manual transmission, ensure that you press down the clutch completely down when shifting the gears. Also, try starting the car in different gears including the reverse to determine whether it is just one gear causing the problem.

Engine questions

When the Check Engine Light comes on or if you can’t fix the issue yourself, have the car towed to a certified mechanic; you may have serious transmission problems.

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