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Steering Body

Your car’s steering and suspension are the second and third most important parts of your car after the engine and they need to be in good condition all the time.  Yes they are and they better be in good condition all the time. They not only ensure your vehicle stability but also ultimate safety on the road.

Regular checks and repairs could be the difference between a smooth ride and having a backache every time you drive.

Steering repair

If driving has become like a routine upper body workout as you try to drive straight while your car keeps turning, your steering system has problems. Our certified technicians will thoroughly check for the problems and diagnose them. Afterwards, your driving will get back to the smooth and effortless experience it’s supposed to be.

Car suspension repairs

Are you wondering why at slow speeds rounding corners that your car drifts?  Does driving over bumps make the car uncomfortable to drive. You are wondering why? Those are signs that your suspensions are in really bad shape. But don’t worry; our extensive know-how will restore the fun of a smooth ride.

When will you know your steering and suspension systems need repair?

Auto manufacturers will recommend that you take your vehicle for suspension and steering checks after every 80,000km (50,000 miles). Well, they are manufacturing experts but we are the people who make sure your ride is 100% functional. If you notice some of these problems, your vehicle may need steering and suspension repairs.

  • Tire are wearing out unevenly
  • Extreme noises when you ride over bumps
  • If your steering wheel is crooked
  • Relentless wandering and bouncing while your drive
  • A generally harsh and bumpy ride

FAQs on steering and suspension repairs

  1. Is it normal that my steering column shakes when I brake hard?

No.  This isn’t normal.  Most likely your brake rotors are faulty but we will take a look and give a diagnosis.

  1. My suspension system is making a squeaking noise. Should I be worried?

Whether to be worried or not will depend on how much damage has been done. What is for sure is that there is a problem. We can only be certain if you let us have a look.

  1. I feel every bump on the road when I drive. Why is this happening?

Well, if you are feeling even the smallest bumps then something is wrong.  In all likelihood, its suspension system related but an inspection will help us understand the problem and the best course of action.

You see, we are not all about repairs. We answer your questions too and help solve your vehicle’s problems from all angles. If you have a question, ask us and we will have an answer for you. Better still, drop by our Langley shop and you will be warmly welcomed.

For your steering and suspension repairs, we are the experts at your service around the clock. Our top notch professionals understand every possible steering and suspension problem. For years, we have excelled where others have failed. If you need a reliable technician for your vehicle, now you know where to go. Let us take care of your car and leave you to enjoy your ride every time you hit the open road.


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