A&B Transmissions: Getting You From A-to-B Safely With Langley Steering & Suspension Service

A&B Transmissions has been helping our community get from A-to-B safely for over four and a half decades. And our Langley Steering & Suspension Service is just one way in which we do so, with additional services that include, but are not limited to…

When it comes to your steering and suspension repairs, our top notch professionals understand every possible steering and suspension problem, which is courtesy of their many years excelling in this industry.

We’re here to help you take care of your vehicle so you can simply enjoy the ride ahead!

Langley Steering & Suspension Service

As mentioned on our steering and suspension service page…

Your car’s steering and suspension are the second and third most important parts of your car after the engine, and they need to be in good condition all the time. They not only ensure your vehicle stability, but also ultimate safety on the road.

Regular checks and repairs could mean the difference between a smooth ride and having a backache every time you drive.

Allow us to help you. Ensure your vehicle is cared for in ways that matter – when it matters.

So …How Do You Know if You Need Steering or Car Suspension Repairs?

Some of the indicators of a vehicle needing steering and suspension repairs include:

  • Your tires are wearing out unevenly
  • There are extreme noises when you drive over bumps
  • If your steering wheel is crooked
  • Relentless wandering and bouncing while your drive

Regardless of the “why” – we understand the how, and are happy to help you with any of your auto repair needs. From Langley Steering & Suspension Service to a simple oil change, we are here to help and happy to do so!

Stop by our shop at 19879 Fraser Highway in Langley, and allow us to show you why we are the chosen local repair shop, helping our community manage the safety and driveability of their vehicle with ease!