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Hitting the road with a well-maintained RV is the perfect vacation for all the people we see every day.  RVs are built for both speed and the thrill of slowly exploring the open road at your own pace. However, even one problem can spoil the fun everyone.

For a worry free trip, visit the best  repair shop for peace of mind. We are just that; dedicated to ensure that your recreational vehicle will encounter no problems during and after your road trip.

Why service your RV’s transmission with us?

If you own one, you already know that your RV is different from other vehicles. Needless to say, it needs seasoned experience to handle repairs and other auto mechanic problems. Here are reasons why we are the logical choice to handle your RV transmission repairs:

  • The sheer size of RV is intimidating to most auto mechanic shops. RV is not your regular car. It is bigger and something that many mechanics are never prepared for. For us, size does not matter. We handle countless RV repair cases in all sizes; all of them successfully solved.
  • We have the expertise and tools to get the job done. Having been in the auto repair business for four decades, we have built a formidable team of professionals with unlimited resources at their disposal. When you come to us, no matter the state of your RV transmission, you will soon be back to the road better and stronger. This is a promise you won’t get from other auto repair shops out there.
  • An RV’s transmission size is grander than other vehicles. It is large and many find it complicated. Besides, it is also deeply buried within other engine components. It will take experience and expertise to accurately identify and solve the problem. We have both.
  • Our growing list of satisfied customers is a true testament of our services. Our customers often become our friends and they always leave with a smile. We know how important it is to get you back onto the road quickly and affordably.

We have been tested and proven for 40 years and our brand is standing tall. Results are guaranteed the moment you walk into our gate.

We are full service RV repair shop

We offer repair services for all makes and models. Some of the services included but not limited to:

  • Engine repair and diagnostics
  • Drive-train repair and servicing
  • Transmission upgrades to top performance
  • Maintenance

If your vehicle is showing any signs of problems, do not hesitate to call us. Our reputable name as the best RV transmission repair shop in Langley is known wide and far. And it is not just a mere name: we have earned it through our dedicated service to our customers over the decades. Try us today and let us make your trip the most memorable in your life.


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“Quick, friendly service and got my work truck back on the road with very minimal down time. Great job!”

Kathie Rennie

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Whether you need a regular maintenance service for your vehicle or you’re looking to repair your transmission, you can trust that our highly-trained technicians will handle all of your vehicle needs.

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