Fuel Injection Service in the Fraser Valley

Seeking Fuel Injection Service in the Fraser Valley? A&B Transmissions can help, and is conveniently located at 19879 Fraser Highway – offering a state of the art facility to serve you.

We have been in service to this community for well over 4-decades, and are here to help with any vehicle, from a compact car to a 5 tonne RV or truck!

Why Schedule a Fuel Injection Service?

Fuel injection service is an essential maintenance procedure for vehicles equipped with fuel injection systems. It helps to ensure your fuel injectors are clean and maintained, along with other key factors that include:

Fuel Efficiency

Decreased fuel efficiency from clogged or dirty fuel injectors means increased fuel consumption. And when fuel is at an all-time high, preventing this matters.

Engine Performance

Fuel combustion plays a role in engine performance including power and drivability, which. Are. Important regardless of what type of vehicle you drive.

Emissions Control

Clogged fuel injectors equals higher emissions. Regular fuel injection service helps reduce these emissions and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Preventative Care

Prevention is key when it comes to auto care. By keeping your fuel injectors clean, such service can help to prevent costly engine repairs.

Regularly scheduled maintenance, including fuel injection service, is an investment that can save you money in the long run and keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. A&B Transmissions is here to help.

Fuel Injection Service in the Fraser Valley

Fuel Injection Service in the Fraser Valley

As mentioned on our service page, servicing one’s fuel injection system is not a simple matter – as you can tell by the description itself:

“Modern diesel injectors tend to fall into one of two categories, HEUI and Common Rail. The hydraulic portion is actually operated by high pressure oil from the engine supplied by a separate high pressure oil pump, this makes keeping your oil and filters clean extremely important, as well as the use of quality parts while doing so.

Common rail injectors are electronically activated by piezzo crystals and are supplied extremely high pressure fuel by a high pressure pump. It goes without saying for either system that clean, quality fuel is a must as well as quality filtration.”

Allow us to take the guesswork out of your auto care. Call us today at 604-530-9101 and let us handle all of your vehicle repair and maintenance needs.