Understanding Drivetrain Repairs & How We Can Help

If you are unaware of what a drivetrain is; it is the system in a motor vehicle which connects the transmission to the drive axel. Which clearly plays an important part in ensuring your vehicle is operating safely. And at A&B Transmissions – we can help with that!

Understanding Drivetrain Repairs & How We Can Help

drivetrain repairs

Drivetrain repairs are essential for maintaining the proper functionality and safety of a vehicle. When your drivetrain is operating properly, your vehicle will effortlessly accelerate, decelerate, and change direction efficiently.

Here’s some things to understand when it comes to your drivetrain repairs…

Common Drivetrain Problems:

  • Transmission slipping gears, hearing grinding when you try to manually shift, or delayed engagements
  • Axle or Differential causing vibrations, clicking or uneven tire wear
  • Driveshaft or U-Joint could also be worn out, which will lead to vibrations and odd noises too

Symptoms of Drivetrain Problems:

  1. Unusual noises such as clunking, whining, or grinding.
  2. Vibrations or shaking, especially when accelerating or decelerating.
  3. Difficulty shifting gears or slipping gears.
  4. Loss of power or reduced fuel efficiency.
  5. Leaking fluids, which could indicate a transmission or differential issue.

Diagnosis and Repair:

  1. To determine the cause of drivetrain problems, a professional mechanic will often conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle, including a road test and potentially diagnostic scans.
  2. Depending on the issue, repairs may involve rebuilding or replacing the damaged components, and this can be a complex and labor-intensive process.
  3. Regular maintenance, such as changing transmission fluid and inspecting U-joints and CV joints, can help prevent many drivetrain issues.

Understanding what to listen or even ‘feel’ for when trying to deduce is your drivetrain requires repairs is crucial for maintaining the performance and safety of your vehicle. We are here to help!

Drivetrain Repairs in Langley

At A&B Transmissions, we are proud members of ATRA (Automotive Transmission Retailers Association) and our warranty is covered at over 4000 ATRA repair centers across North America.

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