Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service – How to Know When it’s an Emergency

Having any dash light come on can be concerning for drivers – especially your check engine light. Which is why we want to help you understand what might signal an emergency, or your vehicle simply requires a Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service.

How to Know When ‘Check Engine’ Light is an Emergency

The check engine light is everyone’s least favorite dash signal. Knowing when to address the issue promptly or when it can wait, is crucial for both your peace of mind and your vehicle’s health. A&B Transmissions is here to help!

Check Engine Light Emergency

While some check engine light activations may be minor, others could indicate serious issues that require immediate attention. Here are some scenarios where you shouldn’t delay booking with us.

  • Flashing Check Engine Light
  • Loss of Power or Performance
  • Visible Signs of Damage or Leaks
  • Overheating

When to Proceed With Caution

Alternately (and ideally), there are some scenarios where you can simply proceed with caution when your engine light comes on. This includes:

  • Steady Check Engine Light
  • Minor Performance Issues
  • Scheduled Maintenance Reminder

If your check engine light comes on, don’t panic. Instead, take appropriate action to address the issue, keeping your car in top condition with our Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service in Langley.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service

As discussed on our Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service page

As of 1996 all cars and trucks are required to have more strict exhaust emissions guidelines. Not only will the check engine light monitor the electronic sensors, actuators and solenoids but the vehicles emissions as well. This is the emissions control system. Now the check engine light will monitor several emissions factors such as the exhaust that comes out of the engine. Cars and trucks built in 1996 and newer have very strict guidelines that monitor the catalytic converter as the exhaust exits this system. These new systems are so intense that the check engine light may come on if you don’t fasten the gas cap properly.

A&B Transmissions is here to help you better understand each of your dash indicator lights, and would be happy to help you as needed!