Langley Exhaust & Muffler Repairs: Eco-Friendly Summer Driving Tips

At A&B Transmissions, we offer a wide selection of auto repair and maintenance services for our community. This includes Langley Exhaust & Muffler Repairs to help you keep your vehicle in optimal condition, both for fuel economy, as well as for the environment.

We want to share some ‘Eco-Friendly Summer Driving Tips’ to – not only reduce our collective carbon footprint; but also save you money on fuel and maintenance costs!

Eco-Friendly Summer Driving Tips

As summer progresses, we want to offer some practical tips to make your summer driving more environmentally friendly. Check them out…

Combine Errands

Combining errands into one journey will not only save you time, but also ensure a more fuel-efficient process, while producing less emissions.

Vehicle Maintenance

Ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained will also ensure better fuel economy and produce fewer emissions. This includes keeping your tires properly inflated. Under-inflated tires can reduce fuel efficiency and increase CO2 emissions.

Minimize Idling

If you’re parked or waiting for more than a minute, turn off your engine. Idling wastes fuel and produces unnecessary emissions.

Be Mindful of Your Air Conditioning Usage  

We get it; it’s hot out! But by utilizing your air conditioning more sparingly, this will also aid in fuel consumption and emissions.

Park in shaded areas or enjoy the warm summer breeze through open windows. We all know how quickly summer’s pass here in the Lower Mainland – so let’s embrace them!

By adopting eco-friendly driving habits, you can enjoy your summer travels while contributing to a healthier planet. We’re here to help!

Langley Exhaust & Muffler Repairs

Langley Exhaust & Muffler Repairs

As discussed on our Langley Exhaust & Muffler Repairs page

Your vehicle’s exhaust system includes many components such as the catalytic converter, front exhaust pipes, mufflers, intermediate exhaust pipes, and tail pipes, and each of these components serve an important function. If your exhaust system is functioning correctly it will help maintain fuel efficiency, keep harmful fumes away from the passenger cabin of your vehicle, and minimize noise and emissions, so it’s important to keep your system in good working condition.

If you would like to have our trained mechanics check your vehicle’s exhaust system, contact us to book your appointment. Or click below for some of our other common summer maintenance services we provide:




We wish you a safe and fun summer!